Monday, November 05, 2007

Pictures from a birthday party part2

Shayla never really liked to open presents, but I think next year she'll really get into it. We got her a separate little cake. She doesn't like to have her hands messy, so she used a baby spoon at first. After a few bites of chocolate and icing, so was hooked! About an hour after eating all that, she was like the exorcist baby! She was shaking her head "no" and was acting like a total nightmare! A serious sugar high is my belief. Then when she crashed...she crashed really hard!


Amanda said...

What a party! She isn't spoiled is she (hahahahaha):D It's so much fun isn't it!!!

Abby's Mom said...

AWWWW :0 I love the last picture the best!

Soap Opera girl said...

LOL! The boys were totally like that. She looks like she was having a lot of fun.