Friday, October 12, 2007

Wal-Mart in Nanning

Typical Wal-mart...kinda. It was two stories tall. Normal department store on the top floor, yet stinky grocery store on the bottom floor. That's not really fair of me, it really only smelled bad near the meat department on the first floor. They seemed to be really big on Snickers and Dove candy bars...they were EVERYWHERE. Of course, when in Rome (or China)...hey, don't judge me! They were the exact same as here in the states. The grocery stores all had basically the same kinds of foods as we have in the States with a few exotic exceptions. Also everyone was selling Mooncakes. There are many different kinds...some you might like, some you might not (some are soybean based)...I didn't really care for the one I tried.

This escalator was way cool and I had to take this picture. It wasn't an escalator with was totally flat. The carts in the store will actually move (not roll) sideways, so when you get on the escalator going down, the cart can be filled with tons of stuff, but it will never roll downhill. It had like brakes. We should really have them here...they were too cool.


Soap Opera girl said...

I love Wal-Mart! I think it is cool that they had simlar foods to here. I guess you just have it in your mind that we wouldn't eat anything over there but I think I would like it.

Tracy said...

Weird - they have food to pick up next to the escalator! Yeah, that soybean based stuff is kind of strange. Maybe it I got used to tit, I would like it. You pictures are awesome. I am so excited - we leave in two days!