Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sitting in Chicago Hungry!!

1 of 8 plane trips down! We're sitting in O'Hare International and we just passed a McDonalds and now my belly's rumbling (This is Mark btw).

The ride was a little bumpy, the plane was small, but we're here so no complaints here!
The next update will be from Hong Kong.

Karen, say hi to our babies for us and give them 'mooches!!

We miss everyone already and can't wait to be back!


tonyap said...

hang in there guys. You are almost there to get your baby....we are all so excited for you!!!!!

Kyung Min said...

You guys are getting closer to China.
I was very scared when I had a small flight-that plane is always bumpy!
Bigger plane will be less bumpy though.
Good luck and eat something at the airport becuase I hate the airplane food.
Good Luck!
We love you!


Karen said...

Don't worry! I'll take care of your babies. I love that you can do updates to help us know that you are ok. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HOME....I also remember that you keep your toliet lids down. I love you. Hurry home. PS..did you remember your Imodium?

Soap Opera girl said...

lol just becareful what you eat and ask lots of questions. This is so cool that you guys are headed to China I want to go one day and you guys will have stories for me.

kris said...

I got total goosebumps when you said the next post will be from HONG KONG... so happy for you guys!!!!!!