Friday, September 28, 2007

Shayla's in-China Doctor checkup

While in China, Shayla had to go to be checked at the local clinic in Guangzhou, here are pictures of that. She did so tears at all! To give an idea of her height and weight, she is 18 lbs and 10 ounces and 29 1/2 inches tall. She can wear some 9 month clothes (mainly if they are 2 piece outfits), but is primarily in 12 month clothes. She's already quite picky about her clothes too...she doesn't like pajamas with feet in them (doesn't like socks either) and I've found that it's much easier to dress her in 2 piece pajamas (because of diaper changes). That was something I never thought of before. If I saw cute 1 piece pajamas, I simply bought them...but I've found it's difficult to put those on a squirming baby that hates to have her clothing changed.


kris said...

I think she's the first I've seen that didn't have tears! Brave girl!

Abby's Mom said...

What a sweetheart!

Soap Opera girl said...

She is so cute! Oh and onezies are the same way so cute but when you are changing diapers are trouble.