Monday, September 24, 2007

A few more pics

This was the day we met Shayla. This was our first ever look at each other in person.
This was Mark's first ever look at his beautiful new daughter.

This was us the morning of "Gotcha Day". We were filling out paperwork and we had to put our thumbprint on some of the paperwork. That's Michael, our CCAI Nanning guide, giving us the bunny ears. He was more than awesome!
By the way, many Chinese people we encountered in China used American names...we were told that most are "assigned" an American name in school. I thought that was interesting.


tonyap said...

beautiful, absolutely beautiful...I am so happy for you two. she is such a beautiful baby and you all make a beautiful family. everytime I thing about how happy you look I just start crying because I am so happy for you. I know Shayla has two wonderful parents. I hope you got the pictures that I sent you from the airport. I thought there were some good ones. Let me know when it is ok to bring Talia by. That is all she is talking about. I have to tell her that you all are still in China getting Shayla so she won't get mad because she can't see her yet. You know little ones, they don't understand. Luv you guys and let me know if you need anything at all.

Soap Opera girl said...

Mommy and Daddy look so sweet with their baby! So happy you finally get to have your baby and complete your family. Send Shayla kisses from her cousin Cindy. Love you guys and take care!!!

RoLo said...

those are amazing photos

Lily's Pad said...

She is beautiful! Congrats, and I know you are headed for many happy times with your new daughter.