Thursday, August 30, 2007

We leave September 6th

Sorry I haven't updated, I've been exhausted! Every night we've had hurried things to do for the adoption and then it's late and time to head to bed.

We leave Louisville on Sept. 6th and fly into Chicago. Then we will fly from Chicago and arrive in Hong Kong on Sept. 7th where we will meet our group and our in-China representative. On Sept. 9th we fly to Nanning...and on the 10th, we get our baby girl! We'll be in Nanning for 6 nights and then fly to Guangzhou and will be there for 5 the White Swan. I'm excited that we get to stay there. Over these past few years, I'd heard so many nice things about the White Swan Hotel and was looking forward to seeing it for myself. Once our consulate appt is over, then we will fly back from Guangzhou to Hong Kong...then to Chicago...then home again on Sept. 20th. We will be well traveled when this is over!

My last day at work is tomorrow. That seems weird to me. I've worked since I was 16 years old and minus whatever week vacations I had here or there, I've never been off from work for such a long amount of time. I've never taken time off when switching jobs and have not been unemployed (due to saving my PTO time at work, I haven't taken a straight week off from work since 2005) this will feel really strange after a couple of days. Since Monday is Labor Day and my office is closed, Tuesday is really the only day this week I could have possibly worked, but there is so much to still get done.

Today I had to go to the bank to get the money we needed for the trip...that was an experience...even though I ordered the money. I also went to Shayla's new pediatrician...who seems awesome! She gave us an antibiotic for the baby (I must call her beforehand if I think Shayla needs it), she gave us pink-eye medication and elimite scabies cream.

I'll post more tomorrow with more details of our hotels...I'm sleepy right now!


Amanda said...

Wow!!! I feel like I'm living it again all over through you!! Only ONE MORE MONDAY till you see your sweet baby girl! I have huge goosebumps!

You will love Hong Kong & the White Swan is WONDERFUL!

I can't wait to follow along...I actually wish I was going in your suitcase :D

Soap Opera girl said...

That sounds so fun and exicting! :)

kris said...

Goosebumps... total goosebumps. I'm so excited for you guys.