Monday, August 06, 2007

Thanks so much!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful comments on our new beautiful daughter! I've saved all of them and plan on printing them out for her to see when she's older. Mark and I are CRAZY IN LOVE with her! Mark even said to me on referral day that that was the happiest day of his life...then he went on to apologize for saying that, since we had shared such a wonderful wedding day, but I told him I totally agree! I love him...AND I love her! She's perfect and beautiful in every way! We're so thankful and grateful that we were chosen to be the parents of this beautiful little girl...what a gift.

Now, because I can't stand to have her further down on the screen, here is Shayla Brianne Jizhen Reynolds again.


Sherry Mc said...

What a beautiful little lady. I just saw her tonight. What a blessing for you all and also for her. I look forward to following your journey. God Bless. Sherry McCormick, Gloucester Pt Va (jenny's mom - - hoping she will soon follow you)

Amy said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Our daughter is from Yulin also. We returned home on June 14, 2007 with her. Have a wonderful trip!

Soap Opera girl said...

I am really happy for you guys and for all of our family. We are truly blessed I am so exictied. I am so happy for you and Mark you guys deserve this beautiful baby girl. I think god had you wait so you would appericate her even more which you both so. I love you all very much!

charityd said...

YEAH!!!! Congratulations on your sweetie! Hope you travel soon!

7/22/6 LID