Thursday, August 02, 2007

Referrals coming?

The latest rumor that I saw yesterday on RQ's site is that 11/21/05 is in and referrals probably have been mailed. Of course, it's not guaranteed yet. I need to know! Am I in or out? If we are in, will it be today, Friday or the dreaded Monday that we have to wait until we find out??? I guess I'll carry my cell phone will me all day anyway...just in case. It would be ideal if (even though it would be later) they call our home number when I get home from work. I told Mark I want us to see her picture together, but they have his e-mail address at home (they only accepted one e-mail and 4 phone numbers on the contact sheet that we had to send in).

I want to thank my cousin Tonya and my sister Karen for sending me updates throughout the day. I'm one of the few that doesn't have the internet at work so I have no way to keep up with anything during the day. Those updates have been a blessing. I would be lost in this process without them!


Amanda said...

Holy internet?? Wow! Then you have to really be dying when you get home so you can check!!! If it makes you feel any better....I check at LEAST 4 times an HOUR....yes...I said hour!!! I'm going crazy not knowing...I know you AND Mark are going nuts!!! Come on already stork!!


Amanda said...

OKAY!!! I know you won't see this until you come home from work but.....I just checked CCAI site & they said THROUGH 11/21 is matched!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I am just sooooo excited for you and Mark!!!! I can't wait to see SWEET SHAYLA!!!!!

Brenda Smothers said...

My daughter lives in Crestwood, Ky., the area of Louisville, Ky.
Not often we see one getting a baby at least that has a blog on the internet, that lives in our area. I am so happy for you, and can hardly wait till our daughter and her husband get their referral. Their LID is Jan. 10, 2006. Congradulations on your beautiful daughter.