Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lots happening, just not writing...

Well, it's Sunday now, but Thursday was our conference call with our agency. They went over travel information and basically how things work. Our agency said what they are now waiting on is TA (travel approval) from the CCAA saying we can come and get our child. They said they never know when the TA's are coming in, they just show up and they will let us know by e-mail when they come in. Once they do come in, then our agency faxes a copy to the consulate in Guangzhou to get the consulate appointment (the consulate won't make any appointments until they receive the faxed copy). The consulate is the last thing you do before you leave China, so our agency works backwards on our itinerary from that date. One of the things our agency also talked about was the trade show they have every October (the last 2 weeks of October) in Guangzhou, our agency doesn't want people to travel then. I know it's because hotels and flights are usually booked for all of those people due to the size of the trade show. Also the first week of October (October 1st - 5th) in China is National Day...which is a week long holiday and the government agencies are closed that whole first week. Soooo...they said as long as there are no issues with TA's, they "hope" to have everyone back in the US by September 28th...and she said that means that they "hope" for no one to travel to China AFTER September 14th! Nothing definite yet, but that means we could leave in less than a month to get our baby!!! I was all nervous and got hives thinking of the things I need to get done at home first!

When I got home from work that same day, there was a nasty storm that caused us to lose electricity for 11 hours. The house was so hot, I literally got sick to my stomach. We didn't even try to go to bed...we just started out on couches and I ended up dozing in a chair. That sure made for a long Friday!

Then Friday when I got home, I found out that our agency had called and spoke with Mark. They just had some pre-travel questions for us and to find out what we were naming our precious baby girl so they could get things ready for whatever paperwork they are doing.

Saturday morning my grandma was taken to the hospital again. She has been taken just about every weekend for the last month or so and was only home this last time for about 36 hours before she had to be taken back again. She has congestive heart failure and keeps getting pneumonia. I went to see her today, and her color was pretty good. She was even being a bit silly. I know it's the huge dose of steroids helping today, but it was so nice to see her being her old self.

Saturday evening I cleaned out some of my cabinets to make room for Shayla's bottles, sippy cups, plates and bowls. I even boiled the bottles and nipples!

Today, I went to Babies R Us to purchase a few items from my registry so I could go ahead and get Shayla's crib ready. I never wanted to wash her things too early as I wanted everything to be crisp and clean when she comes home. I think it's okay to do now. I've put the mattress pad and dust ruffle just waiting for the crib sheet to finish drying so I can put that on too. We currently keep the door closed so the cats nor dog can go in there. I can't wait to see the finished product! I've waited so long for this.


Soap Opera girl said...

Sounds like you have been really busy that is awesome I hope you can go and get her soon. Hope your grandmother feels better. Take care!!!

Abby's Mom said...

Fun stuff!

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your referral. When you are ready to obtain her "finding ad", please come visit us. The ads contain great photos (pre-dating referral photos), and great information to know before you travel.

Have a safe trip!


Matt and Kathy said...

How exciting that everything is falling into place.