Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stranded at the Dynasty Buffet

Okay, so I decided I really wanted Chinese food for an early dinner. Mark is not a fan of Chinese food, but does have a love for honey chicken, so I talked him into driving way across town to a nice buffet. We've been there a few times for our FCC dinners, but we're still not that familiar with the area. Anyway, as we're driving there, we noticed how dark the sky was getting and that it was probably gonna rain. We have a nice dinner and I intentionally save room for the wonderful soft serve ice cream that calls to me from the back of the buffet. Just as we get refills on drinks, we can't help but notice some really bad lightning...then all goes dark. The restaurant was dark and we happened to be the only customers in there. Their storm/emergency lights came on (not much more than flashlights really) but once they opened all the blinds, we could see our plates again. We finish eating and then realize, we have no way to pay. We never carry cash and only use a debit card. As it ends up, a transformer was hit by lightning and all the electricity in the area was out. Yes, there were ATM machines close by, but no electricity...and no ice cream (can't forget the ice cream). We ended up sitting there with the staff for about 45 minutes before the lights came back on. We were hot, needing to go to the bathroom (I didn't want to maneuver my way into a dark bathroom I've never been in before) and bored. All in all, I'd say it was a damn fine day! Much better than the time we got stuck at a Home Depot during a tornado warning and forced to stay in the manager's tiny office with about 20 other customers!

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Soap Opera girl said...

LOL! That is crazy. Makes you wonder what would happen if the lights went out all over we are so depended on Comp.