Friday, July 06, 2007

My brother-in-law...the HERO

When I started reading my e-mail tonight, I saw I had this (below) from my mom. My brother-in-law helped people after a serious wreck. I'm proud of him too. The funny thing is...he really is THAT kind of person. Always there to help anyone, no matter what.

I talked with Todd about 7:00 tonight. He said on his way back from Lexington at around 4:30 this afternoon, he witnessed an awful accident on I-64 between the two Shelbyville exits. He said a car was going appproximately 80 MPH aand hit the guard rail right at the angle where the guard rail started, the car flipped over and went down the embankment. He stopped and ran down over the hill, the driver had been thrown from the car and the car was starting to burn. There was two other passengers, a young woman who was pretty severly hurt and a young guy who appeared to be more dazed than anything. He finally got the young guy to understand that he needed to get away from the car, so the guy and girl helped each other away up the hill. Todd was trying to pull an unconscious approx 300 lb man uphill and talk to 911 at the same time. He said it was all up hill and the guy wasn't able to help with the moving of him. He said one of the first troopers got there when Todd had the guy about 25' away from the car and that the trooper was standing on the side of the road yelling at Todd to get out of there that the car was getting ready to blow up. Todd said he had to yell at the trooper twice to tell him that he couldn't leave that there was a victim on the ground, so then the trooper called STAT flight and helped get the man to the top of the hill. They shut down I64 for the STAT flight to land on the highway. 911 called Todd back to get his name and then the police called so that he could give permission for the victims family to contact him and thank him. The KSP are calling him a hero and said that he will probably receive a commendation. HOW ABOUT THAT? I told him that I was really proud of him and he also said that no one else ever stopped to help, only some lady who stood at the guard rail and watched. But it was Todd who had to get the guy away from the fire and call 911, can't believe that no one tried to help. He did not get hurt, that was one of the first things I asked, he said the the excitement of it didn't hit him until afterward when he was back at the top of the hill giving his statement, and then it really hit him hard. SCARY. Just thought I'd let you know.

UPDATE- The unconscious man that Todd helped ended up dying. I guess his injuries were just too bad. It was on the news.


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

What a hero!!!

tonyap said...

Todd is a hero. I want to thank him. These three people in this car were coming home from work at Toyota Friday. Darrel found out about it this morning when he got to work. I worry about Darrel Everyday running up and down that road to and from work. Todd, you are a wonderful person for stopping. We luv you Todd and thanks for helping!!!

Soap Opera girl said...

Wow that is what a really hero is. What a guy to be helping people out.

Tracy said...

Yes, he is a hero.

And yes, very sad to hear the man died :(

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