Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm a dork!

I didn't know until about 3 days ago that we could have already ordered our Visas for our trip to China. I thought we had to wait to see where we were going. Now the prices are going up (effective August 1st) from $50.00 each person to $100.00 each person. Boo on me!


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I though you needed to have your travel dates first???

tonyap said...

Hey I just read the rumor queen, am I reading it right, it looks like you may be in!!!!! I have prayed so hard. It is driving me crazy. Here it is Friday night 12:20am and I am looking for rumors on my little cousin coming home. Please Lord, let it be true!!!!!

Kim said...

This visa thing confuses me. I know they are good for a long time but only like 3 months. My agency had me send in my stuff last week to get my Visa tomorrow.

Ok - so they have to know something, 3 months from July 30th is Oct 30th. I have to be in the country by then so they truly think the 12-05 people are getting their referrals this month or the next.

I hope for a speedy referral and TA for you! When is your gut feeling for referrals and TA? :)

Shayla's Mom said...

Kim - There are a couple of people with LIDs after mine (and one I know of with an LID a few days before mine) that were told to go ahead and get theirs. My agency hasn't told me to do anything, so I wait. I like to be hand held through the process (yes, I'm a goober)...but I'm with you, I think some agencies do know "something".

I can't decide whether I think we'll get our referral in August or September. I keep going back and forth on it. Every single time I think the CCAA will do something really positive, they never fail to disappoint me, so I'm trying to stay calm and not worry about it too much.