Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My WAG (wild assed guess)

Anyway, with the # of LIDs (log-in-dates) the CCAA has referred lately, I don't see them doing more than about 6 days worth for July. This is nothing but a guessing game. Until it's "officially" announced and referrals sent out (probably around the first week of July), the only thing to do is look back at what the CCAA has done historically. Since we are 14 days away from the last LID, they only need to do from 11/8/05-11/21/05 for us to get a referral in July, but they haven't been sending out that many referrals it's doubtful. I'm guessing a September referral...just my WAG! Geez, I hope no later than that!!!


Soap Opera girl said...

I hope something amazing happens and it comes faster.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I still hope your next :)

Carolin Hunter said...

thanks for letting me know about Ryan & Emma's pix being on APC!

take care,