Monday, June 11, 2007

My LID, my prisoner #

I was noticing something the other day that kinda made me chuckle. Whenever I post a comment to some one's blog, I HAVE to also leave my LID (log in date) 11/21/05. Any time I post a new message anywhere (adoption related), that's my set of numbers, like a prisoner number or a social security number. It pretty much defines who we (in the adoption world) are. Many waiting parents who leave messages or comments for me do the same thing. It's their signature...yes, their name is important, but it's that set of numbers, THAT DATE that says what we want to know. Saturday when we went to the FCC picnic, that's what people ask and seem to's not your's where you are in line...what you have already been through and what you still have to endure. In some ways, with many of us feeling like our lives are on hold...for vacations, large purchases, etc., it really does feel like a prisoner number. Stand back Paris Hilton...there's a whole adoption community out there with more important numbers than yours!

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Soap Opera girl said...

Yeah it seems like life is kind of still but it is also moving. But I am always talking about my little cousin and I get asked when will they get her.