Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCC dinner

Yesterday we went to the FCC (Families with Children from China) monthly dinner. I really enjoy going to those each month. We met a couple that just brought their daughter home from China this past January. What a doll! She's 18 months old and seems to be average height for an 18 month old, but she was so petite. Just so delicate. Her mom, Jessica, told us that she was currently wearing 6-9 month clothes...and that when they went to China to bring her home, they guessed as to what size clothing to take and took all 18 month size clothes. Of course none of them fit, so they had to go to a Wal-Mart in China to buy the correct size (diapers too). She was so cute. She was very social...quite the little social butterfly really. She kept waving to everyone and high-fiving me and Mark. She was also into giving hugs. She hugged both Mark and I...although she didn't want to be picked up. She wiggled around to be put down if you picked her up, but she willingly came up and gave hugs. It was so sweet.

I also had a nice surprise from a friend at work today. He had bought a book for me about China's traditions and customs. He had found it at a sale and thought I would enjoy it. I thought that was so very nice. It's those kinds of things that mean so much...the unexpected.


Soap Opera girl said...

I bet she's a cutie it sounds fun. I am glad ya'll had fun. Thatwas really nice of your friend from work.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Yep it's those kind of thoughtful people who help make this journey special :)