Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well, yesterday had started out nicely...work was fine...life was fine...then mid-afternoon, all went downhill! Nasty rumors on the work front...hell, it's a freakin' job people...just do it and go home...work is not a person's life...just a way to pay the bills. Then what really sucked was Mark called me at work with bad news. The water pump in his car went out. The estimate (as of yesterday before they even got started)...a "possible" whopping $800.00!!! He was told that in his type of car (Grand Am...I think), the water pump is in the engine so that makes it tons more difficult to get to! There were some places that he called that said they won't even do those repairs because the job is too big (because of his make/model of car).

Life. Happens.

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Soap Opera girl said...

Yeah people at my work are always talking about someone since I am not there right now I am sure it's me. That sucks about Marks car.