Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The WAIT!!!

This freaking wait is killing me! The newest rumor on the Rumor Queen's site (in the forum section on the right side of her website) is that there will only be 2 - 3 LID's (log in days) done this month! AHHH! I swear this going to drive me to drink. Every time I think we are getting closer, it seems like the CCAA slows down even more. Last time they only did 2 LID's. That is totally ridiculous considering they had been doing 2 weeks worth until a couple months ago. With an LID of 11/21/05, we are so close...yet so far away.

Also...this I noticed was a little freaky and I'm totally not complaining, but ever since I had the word "PORN" on my site (earlier this month), I've been getting hits on my site meter like crazy. Coincidence...or just some easy lovin' people...hmmm? Call me a big goober, but I didn't even know there was an Asian country by the name of Cyprus. See, this blog is educational too!

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Soap Opera girl said...

dang that sucks!