Sunday, April 08, 2007

Car problems...still

Well, Mark's car is STILL leaking anti-freeze...saw it as he was backing out of the driveway. He was going to have Easter dinner with his side of the family and I was eating with my side of the family and as he was driving there, the check engine light came on too! He ended up taking my car to his brother's house. I'm SOOOOO tired of this car issue that I can't stand it. I'm cracking...really.


Soap Opera girl said...

Cars I can't wait to drive but I am not looking forward to all the problems.

lauren said...

Well, start thinking about the problems...I'm not telling you this to hate cars but it's better to be prepared...:P

I got several car problems before but it taught me the basic repair and troubleshooting. And it turns out to be a hobby eventually. This will save my wallet from expensive repairs and i don't have to worry on auto parts (nissan radiator hoses, radiators, and the like) 'coz we can get the cheapest anywhere.