Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All she wants (by Barry on APC)

Sometimes, all the baby wants is her mother. Her pacifier is good for a while, but its effects wear off quickly and she just wants her mother. She plays for a while with her pretty toys and notices all the different colors and textures, but they only hold her attention for a relatively short time and, again, she just wants her mother. Sometimes she wanders into her closet and sees so many pretty clothes hanging there, waiting for her to wear and she imagines what it's like to wear a particular dress or outfit. Her thoughts turn, again, to her mother and while all the things hanging there are nice, she just wants her mother. She picks up her blanket and holds it close to her face. It's soft and feels nice next to her cheek, but all she really wants is her mother.

She wanders into the nursery and sees the pacifiers, teething rings and other baby items. The toys are laid out, some of them still in their boxes, ready to be played with. She picks some of them up, holds them, and notices their different colors and textures. She steps into the closet and looks at all the clothes hanging in their place. They are cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. She thinks of what it will be like for them to be worn and all the things she'll do with them. She turns to the crib, picks up the little blanket, and holds it to her chest. It's soft and feels nice, but all this mother really wants is her baby.

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Soap Opera girl said...

That is beauitful and oh so true.