Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Familes with Children from China is FCC. Most cities have this group that people can join. Usually they meet once a month for dinner and to it gives the children an opportunity to meet other children that look like them. We went to a FCC dinner tonight and met up with our friends Debbie and Ron...and their gorgeous baby daughter Liana. My gosh she is the prettiest baby I've ever seen! She's so smart too! She's been home for about 9 or 10 months (I think she's about 17 months old now) and she can even use sign language. I know that is pretty common for people to teach their babies that nowadays, but it is so amazing to see. We had the best time! Good food, good conversation and great company! I'm already ready for the next one!

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Soap Opera girl said...

It is amazing to see childern so far ahead of were I was at their age. Sign laugage is very cool.