Friday, February 09, 2007

A Day Off

Due to a slow down at Mark's work, he was off today, so I took a PTO (vacation) day today so we could spend some time together. I've been trying to save my PTO time at work because I won't be paid for my time off on leave of absence when we have to go to China. Since it's not a medical procedure, I won't get paid any disability and my workplace offers no adoption benefits, so the only time I can be paid for is my PTO time that I have saved up. Anyway, back to today...first we got up a bit early and took our moms to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then later this afternoon we went to see a movie (The Messengers). By the way, it was okay, but not really as scary as the previews indicated. After the movie, we had decided to come home and cook, but then thought we would just "live it up" we decided to go to Famous Dave's for dinner. We rarely ever get to go to restaurants to eat out, so having gone twice in one day was a fabulous treat! It's been a great day!

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