Sunday, January 21, 2007

14 down and ? to go

Well, today we have been logged into China's database exactly 14 months! When we first started the adoption process in May 2005, the wait was only 6 months! This feels like forever!

Also, I never mentioned it, but we mailed off our I-600A last Wednesday. This is a form that, once approved, will allow us to have a new I-171H (which will allow us back in the country once we travel to bring Shayla home). We already originally had this done, but because it's taking so much longer for referrals to come out, ours will expire in March 2007, so we had to have it re-done. We also had to have an home study update and was visited by our social worker a couple weeks ago.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to buy paint and I finished painting the trim in Shayla's room. I also painted the closet doors. There are 2 closets in her room, both with double doors, so I painted a total of 5 doors yesterday (door to her room too)! My hand is sore today. The crappy part...the doors look streaky, so I will need to put another coat on them! Not I rest!

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