Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fun at MY expense!

Okay, here it goes. My friend/payroll processor in Montana sent me a Christmas present. We have had MANY discussions about moose in Montana. I'm quite fond of moose...I even have a moose stocking! Anyway everyday for the last week, she has asked if I received my package from her. Well today I finally got it. Wrapped ever so snuggly in the box was my own moose! Hot damn I love me some moose! Marty Moose was the name I gave him. Well, I showed off my moose proudly to others in my office. While some of them may have received Christmas cards, flowers or candy, I got a whole moose...can't beat that. While I was working away from my desk, someone moose-napped Marty Moose! I was devastated. Then "IT" came. It was a ransom note and a photo of Marty...who was practically hog-tied...and he was blindfolded! I continued getting notes throughout the day telling me to do things or that he would be taking a "5 story dive". I had to seek out 8 different co-workers to see if anyone had "messages" for me. I also had to beg for that was part of the ransom...yes, really! Once I received the 8 messages, I had to unscramble the letters to tell me where to take the candy. Then I waited. I then was brought a "confidential" envelope from our director...once I opened it, I was able to rescue Marty. He was in a cabinet with some "female" products in the ladies restroom! He's safe now after the moose abuse. He's vacationing after his dreadful day. Below are some pictures and a nice song my husband, Mark, wrote to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies. Feel free to sing along.

Gonna tell you a story,
‘bout Marty the Moose.
Came to Louisville,
looking to cut loose,
next thing he knew,
he was tied up like a shoe.
Whisked away,
and humiliated too.
Embarrassed that is,
so ashamed.

So the next thing he knew,
he was locked up with some “things.”
Some round, some flat,
some even sported wings.
Marty thought to himself,
“Hey I need to get away!”
Then a chick named Lisa,
came to save the day.
A hero she is,
a Supergirl,
A #1.


Your Favorite Sister said...

Poor Marty!! I am so glad you were able to resuce him and that he is safe and sound. Those darn moose-nabbers!!

Julia said...

Damn, I hate not working with you anymore. You guys have all the fun!

Shayla's Mom said...

Julia - remember when Hope and I kidnapped Kelli Brown's beanie baby otter...we even posted a missing picture on a milk carton! Good times!

Soap Opera girl said...